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I’ve gotten so much guidance over the years on this topic, from mindfulness gurus to caring friends, with affirmation that clearing my mind is often easier said than done. Thus “being able” seems to be the focus here. When it comes to mind-clearing, for me, being willing versus able is at the heart of the matter. When I am willing, I am usually quite able. Will is truly about what matters and when there is will I can see and feel the way. Will also invites a choice, and in this case, to hold on to whatever is occupying my mind or to let it go, even if for a brief moment. Grounded in will, I am now able to clear my mind.


My current favorite resource for mind-clearing is a program offered by Sounds True called Mindfulness Daily with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Their tag line: “Creates a life-changing meditation practice in less than 15 minutes a day!” is certainly true in my experience. I loved every one of the 40 lessons, and looked forward every day to my 10 to 12 minutes of mind-clearing, guided by two of my most favorite teachers. I’m now going through the course for a second time.


I WILL listen to another Mindfulness Daily lesson today.

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