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Being at home is a place and space I’ve always loved and longed for. I often prefer being at my own home over going out, so I associate my home with peace, safety and ease. Yet, I have also longed to experience a sense home beyond the physical space where I live along with the desire to be able to say and feel “I belong here.” Thinking about BEING AT HOME in a wide variety of contexts is quite appealing because it offers the possibility and potential for a broader experience of peace. So, I’m curious to reflect more on the question: “What does it take for me to BE AT HOME?”


In thinking about the compelling question above, I was drawn to the blessing For a New Home by John O’Donohue and the particular passage:

May this be a safe place

Full of understanding and acceptance,

Where you can be as you are,

Without the need of any mask

Of pretense or image.


I will reflect more on the words of John O’Donohue, noticing when and where I’m able to BE AT HOME; and, when that occurs I will feel the peace as I say to myself “I belong here.”

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