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Over the years I’ve come to recognize the presence of my inner guidance as what I experience as “a flash of insight.” The feeling is subtle, yet powerful; quiet but with focused intention, inviting me to stop and pay close attention to what is present in the moment. I’ve learned not to over analyze what comes, but hold it lightly and go with the flow, trusting where it may take me. The sense of self trust that comes when I can be with my inner guidance provides freedom and self-empowerment, which is a great gift and relief from self-doubt and other limiting beliefs that may distract me from the positive momentum I rely on to reach my goals.


There are many inner guidance resources available on the internet. A simple one to start with is The Power of Inner Guidance: Seven Steps to Tune in and Turn On by Dr. Pam Garcy:


I will dedicate time today to sit with a compelling question and listen to my inner guidance. Possibilities include:

  • What will bring me balance, healing and joy today?

  • How can I provide the greatest positive impact during my challenging meeting today?

  • What do I need to say or do to best serve and support the people I love?

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