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I always found great comfort every time Angeles Arrien would tell us “The ancestors are waiting for assignments,” especially after my mother passed away in 2003. I’ve tested that notion many times and have never been disappointed. Some of my assignments are simple, such as support during tough times or answers to difficult questions and decisions. One of several quite amazing examples was when my son was young we “asked” my dad for assistance in securing a newly released video game that was almost impossible to get due to the high demand. Driving to the store we sent our message to the heavens for support, called the store to learn they had one left and would save it for us! I also remember taking care of my mom in hospice and giving her the heads up by sharing Angeles’s words. Her response: “I’ll be ready and waiting for my assignments.” In that moment I could feel the joy in her heart, believing she would continue to have purpose and impact in our lives.


Many traditional societies of the world believe on the right side behind us stand all our male ancestors and on the left side behind us stand all our female ancestors, and they stand behind us saying, “Oh maybe this one will be the one to bring forward the good, true and beautiful, for all the past generations and all the generations to come. Maybe this one will be the one that will break the harmful family patterns or the harmful cultural patterns. Oh maybe this one will be the one.” And we are the one. We are the one.

--Angeles Arrien


Today I will give my mother and father an assignment!

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