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I’m sitting in an open space at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, waiting for a meeting and “being present to all things.” The hum of voices in various conversations dims as I notice the hangers on a coat rack, the paintings on the wall, a crack in the cement floor, the sound of air coming from the vents, the sign (Fanny Spencer Wilder) on the entry to a meeting room, and the designs on the chair next to me. I’m now part of a large-scale work of art where the simple, ordinary, mundane aspects of my environment become beautifully complex and extraordinary. All these things around me have transformed into a living experience as I become curious about the stories behind them.


I’m curious to know:

· Who painted the pictures on the wall?

· Who was Fanny Spencer Wilder?

· Whose coats will soon be on the hangers and what is the purpose of their visit?

· Who designed the chair next to me?

· What do the flyers on the desk nearby invite people to know about or do?


I will “be present to all things” with intention at some time during my next three meetings.

Next BE-KNOW-DO Blog post coming soon!

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