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My most memorable and rewarding experiences at work involved meetings with colleagues where trust, authentic engagement, clear vision, confidence and commitment allowed for open dialogue and the interaction of ideas to create incredible, ground breaking results. This is my definition and requirement for synergy, which I strive to create as much as possible in my current life and work. When it happens, I am filled with an energy of aliveness that I experience as joy in every moment where I know anything is possible!


One way to invite joy in synergy is to be intentional about designing meetings that provide a balance of task and relationship. Thoughtful and intentional meeting design can create a context for authentic engagement, trust and greater accountability to achieve desired results.

One resource to consider exploring is Designing Effective Meetings: 10 Essential Elements, designed to help participants learn how to maximize impact and productivity in meetings by transforming the way people show up and engage each other.

For more information about the three complimentary self-directed video presentations visit:


Today I will remember my past work experiences where I experienced joy in synergy and set an expectation for experiencing more of this in the future.

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