This blog is devoted to nurturing

and sustaining our sense of well-being (comfortable, healthy, happy) and appreciating its life-affirming benefits.  Weekly posts will focus in three areas: BE-KNOW-DO 


When it comes to a sense of well-being, we often know what to do, but have difficulty following through (for various reasons).  As a result, our KNOW-DO gaps (what we know is good or works, compared to what we do about what we know) is often great. Since what we do with what we know often depends on and/or is enhanced by our state of being, it makes sense to tend to and nurture this aspect as well. Thus, I offer the BE-KNOW-DO blog as a way to encourage well-being through a simple practice.  


BE When I was a little girl I had a dream that I was flying high, like a bird, in a bright blue sky toward the sun. I woke up with an incredible feeling of deep peace, realizing what it must be like to feel totally free. Because that dream was so powerful, it has been easy for me to recall and experience that state of being free; and even though it was in the fantasy of my imagination, I can still hold the intention that feeling free is possible in many aspects of my life. KNOW Considering the definition of “free” I get curious to explore what this really means and/or can mean for me in my life right now: Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishe


BE My never-fail remedy for almost any level of stress is being grateful for what is. Some people see me as a “master spinner” and although there is truth to my disposition for finding the positive in any situation, I hold gratitude as an authentic expression of my core essence rather than a means of escape. It’s always amazing to me how simply walking for ten minutes with continuous images of what I have to be grateful for can transform my mindset and energy from limiting to expansive; from constrained to free or from stagnant to alive. I like myself best when I’m in a place and space of being grateful and am happy when I remember how easy this practice can be! KNOW Taking a GRATITUDE WAL

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