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Trusting the “right timing” of things is the way I’ve been able to practice being patient in almost any circumstance. Letting go as the sister strategy, is also much easier when I trust in life’s unfolding process. From a simple change in plans to disappointments about expectations, to things taking way longer than desirable, my patience practices over the years have certainly helped keep me at ease and probably protected me from dis-ease.


The Chinese symbol for patience is formed by two different characters with the image of a knife blade on the heart. From this perspective, the word suggests that although patience represents strength of the mind and heart, it may be difficult to practice.


Today I will acknowledge situations in my life that are requiring me to be patient. After holding each one in my mind and heart I will state affirmations that support my ability to be at ease with the way things are. For example:

  • I trust in the right timing of things.

  • I let go of my plan and accept the mystery’s plan.

  • I can go with the flow of what’s wanting to happen.

  • My mind and heart are strong enough to wait.

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