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“Being in touch” can start with simply being aware of the physical contact I’m having with my immediate environment. Feeling the texture of the arm chair I’m sitting on, my feet in contact with my socks in slippers on the floor and the computer keys beneath my fingers takes me to another realm of being present to all that is.

Then, a brief distraction as I remember the first time I saw the chair I’m sitting in, which was part of the office renovation my husband did to surprise me after being away for a month taking care of my mom in hospice. Now, back to feeling…the weight of my body in the chair, the glasses resting on the bridge of my nose and the ring on the fourth finger of my left hand.


I’m intrigued with being more thoughtful about various ways to “be in touch.” Some examples that come to mind right now include:

  • Walking meditation

  • Giving myself a foot massage

  • Looking through old photos as I touch the images

  • Walking outside the next time it rains

  • Giving someone I love a “three breaths hug”


I will do one activity on my KNOW list this week.

Next BE-KNOW-DO Blog post: Clear my mind

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