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Intuitively I believe this is good for me, and probably a way to achieve the sense of peace I’ve been seeking for much of my life. My heart softens every time I hear or say the words “loving kindness,” yet my mind often seems to have a hard time knowing how to do it. I’m curious to understand more.


If AWARE is “having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact,” and LOVING KINDNESS is “tenderness and consideration toward others;” then the opportunity offered by this state of being may be to open up as fully as possible (and ideally without judgment) to what is known (and unknown) in a given situation, while engaging another person heart to heart. The challenge for me is to set aside assumptions, distractions and limiting beliefs (about self and others) that may interfere with the pure experience that loving kindness invites. The key to this practice, I believe, is starting with a heart-to-heart connection and experimenting with how I might enhance that including positive memories, gratitude and appreciation.


I will be AWARE WITH LOVING KINDNESS today with:

  • one person who it is easier for me to do so and

  • one person who it is more difficult for me to do so

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