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Impacting your overall sense of comfort and happiness through practices that promote mindfulness and intentionality.

Being genuine, true, trustworthy

and real in life and at work.

Having the awareness of what really matters, the knowledge to develop a plan, the courage to commit and the resources to make it happen.





For much of my adult life I’ve seen myself as a “visionary, possibility thinker and champion of the human spirit” so having a dedicated virtual space to inspire and be inspired is a long-time dream come true!  


My focus on Well-being, Authentic Engagement and Following Your Heart through stories, practices and programs will hopefully engage people who are ready to say YES! to exploring new ways of thinking, doing and being. 


Now more than ever I see and meet so many people who are ready to stand up, speak up, and show up for what really matters for themselves, their families and communities.  The Power of Possibility and energy in a YES! mindset creates the momentum many of us need to stand strong in our core values and sustain momentum toward our goals and dreams. is my commitment to engage deeper self-discovery and make a positive difference in the world. 


I’m curious to know if you like what you see and am especially interested in your feedback about the specific stories, practices and programs.  I celebrate your desire and commitment to say YES! to what moves you, what  inspires you and what’s next in your life.  Your visit to this site is a gift and I am grateful!

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Warm Regards, 

Jackie Levin

Self-discovery Guide

Art of Convening Certified Convener

Professional Development Program Designer


I love Jackie Levin!  She has a calming presence, an uncanny insightfulness, and asks deeply provocative questions that help you find your own truth.  Whenever I’m faced with a perplexing situation and need a strategic thought partner to help me figure out what to do, and how to do it, I call Jackie.

Thomasina Williams, Vice President Wells Fargo Wealth Management

I'm so thankful to have known Jackie for many years, as one of those rare people whose intuition and active listening is woven with such genuine care and interest in each person. In her presence trust quickly fashions space that is safe and inclusive. Jackie’s personal support has been life giving and life strengthening for me, personally and professionally.

David Hawkinson, PhD

Psychotherapist and Pastoral Counselor

Jackie is an outstanding facilitator and idea catalyst.  She brought a positive, creative, listening approach to our stakeholder brainstorming session, as well as broad expertise across many facilitating styles and groups. Thank you, Jackie! 

Britta Iwen, Board Chair

Keane Sense of Rhythm


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