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One young woman's story and journey of self-discovery where life-affirming insights are realized through the simple act of taking
time to "walk with a question and let your
heart lead the way."

Over the course of a series of walks in her neighborhood park, Amara experiences how to source the power of her inner wisdom through walking meditation and reflective practice.


Amara's 12-part journey and the accompanying questions and activities become the reader's guide for a reflective practice

of walking his or her own path of self-discovery. 

Each of the following story sections ties to a universal theme that inspires hope, opening to new possibilities and living life fully expressed:

1. Hearing the Call

2. Opening to Change

3. Collecting Clues

4. Rediscovering Fun

5. Inspiring Reflection

6. Guided by Heart

7. Letting Go of Limiting Attachments

8. Curious to Grow

9. Making Connections

10. Recognizing Magic Moments

11. Believing the "Impossible"

12. Holding on to LIFE!

For Additional Individual or Group Guidance on Your BUTTERFLY ME HOME JOURNEY . . . 

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